About us

Thunder Kites Robotics


Thunder Kites, young innovators from Barcelona, developing and creating robots!

"To us, robotics means more than nuts, bolts, and lines of code; robotics offers an irreplaceable learning experience where we can innovate, collaborate, and persevere to produce not only a cool robot, but also become better innovators, teammates, and self-driven leaders." 

- Thunder Kites 2023 - 24


At BFIS, we firmly believe in fostering a passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) among our students. Our robotics program serves as a platform where students can apply their knowledge, enhance their problem-solving skills, and experience the excitement of real-world engineering challenges.

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Our team is composed of coders, engineers, and designers, each working collaboratively and develop our robots.


At Thunder Kites, our designers plan structures and mechanisms for our robots.

Ben, thinking outside the box to design the perfect paper drone.

Archie, focusing on the wheels, drivetrain, and movement of the robot.

Our Engineers

At Thunder Kites, our engineers assemble the robots, working closely with the designer and coders to make sure our robots are functioning. 

Ann, working on engineering and building the robot, as well as promoting the club. 

Philipp, specializing in fixing and improving wrongly functioning parts of the robot. 

Our Coders

At Thunder Kites, our coders use the Java language to develop our robots' behaviors.

Naoki, the head coder for the robots, is interested in both hardware & software engineering, in charge of all electrical components and their behaviors. Also admin of this website.

Alex, junior coder for the robots. Interested in enhancing his level of coding.

Kirill, specializing in programming robots and also interested in high level Java programming

Our Media Managers

At Thunder Kites, our media managers coordinate our online outreach and expand our branding to the rest of the world.

Alejandro, specializes in media outreach and economic development.


Benjamin Farmer Lacombe
The Thunder Kites team would not be possible without the guidance and leadership of the our coach.